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State Board Exam
I am going to be graduating in 2 weeks and just got my state board exam date for nov 14. I am not too worried about the practical but i am very worried about the written. Does anyone have any tips or advice on the written or practical exam? I am in CA.
Memorize the nail diseases and disorders. Dress nice. Be organized so you are not continually reaching into your box. Try tupperware containers for each portion of the practical. Luck to you!
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Newcastle, WY
Thanks. We had a student who took her written and said there was disorders and diseases on hers too
has your instructor given you mock exams? They should so you know what to expect on your test.

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She has but im still worried. When i started we had a diff teacher who wasnt even giving us mock written tests so the new teacher we got gave us 3 of them.
I went to the same school for nails and esthetics and we had all the supplies for each section in ziploc bags, so all you had to do was take out one bag and all the supplies were there. The school helped us prepare them. Similar to what Claudia said. It really helped. Arrive to the testing location with time to spare. They recommended that we stay overnight. I also remember the written having some nail product chemistry questions also.
Great thanks. I plan to stay overnight since the testing facility is 3 hours away. I really appreciate all the advice
Remember the state's agenda is public safety so pay attention to sanitation is the advice my instructor gave and it turned out to be good advice. If it is multiple choice, common sense usually throws half those answers out and you are left with one of two choices really. Hope this helps as it helped me pass the Washington state boards back in 1993 Smile
Not sure how it is for your state but mine has appearance enhancement laws, we had a lot of questions on those.
Oh and for the hands on practical i had separate bags for each section. That was helpful. I also ran thru it with my model the night before.
Oh and for the hands on practical i had separate bags for each section. That was helpful. I also ran thru it with my model the night before.
Thanks. My teacher told us to sanitize as much as possible
it's true. sanitize even when you are thinking about the next step, lol.
Thanks. I appreciate all the advice!

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