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inexpensive successful marketing
I'm a room renter and just starting out. What kind of inexpensive marketing have you done to build clientel?
Make sure you have a sign so people know your there. Business cards help, hand them out to everyone, bank tellers, waitress, etc. If your in a salon with hairstylists, make sure you do their nails so their clients can see your work.
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Do a search for Freedom Networkers in your area. Great way to network your business for free. Also Facebook is free and is a great way to let people know what you do.
Facebook ADS aren't that expensive in the fact that they are extremely targeted.

You can advertise only to women between 25-50 if you want, and just in your specific area. You only pay when they click on your ad and it isn't that much. Its an excellent way to reach people, but you must have a good website set up and take some pictures of your work so they can see what you do... even better, set up an online appointment system and they can book right when they see your ad. Genbook is amazing and works wonderfully. To see mine, visit

To get your own to go this link
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Make up some brochures, dress for success and walk around to area businesses and introduce yourself..tell them what you specialize in and offer them an intro price!

Sometimes putting a face and name to a business is a great marketing tool! Smile
Check out this link, as well as others that are listed under the sticky
posts for nail professionals. There's alot of valuable info there! Big Grin
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Hit the local bars and restuarants and offer one free set to the wait staff and bartenders. Give them your cards and ask them to hand them out.
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You can build a website for very cheap or free. But you don't need a website to have good web presents. You can post your business on Google and other search engines as well as salon and other web directories (BT has a great one). One that has brought in alot of business for me is the local A-list. Some areas call it a hot list. Make sure your business is listed. Like it was said, have a Facebook fan page and Myspace page. Post pictures of your work and your workspace. A picture of you too. This way people get a feel for you and decide it you are right for them.
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Lots of great advice here already. MAke up a brochure or flyer with your prices and hand them out everywhere you go. Ask local businesses if you can put an acrylic stand with them in their business. Target school teachers, call and find out who is in charge of the PTO , PTA and offer to help them with staff appreciation week. Most schools bring in pampering treats for their teachers once a year usually in the spring. Target local health clubs, Curves etc. PArtner with a local tanning to swap out referrals. Find a few Hairdressers that will wear your work and promote you for a discount off their nails. Seek out ways to connect to the community your business is in and offer to attend fundraising events. Look up the local girl scout troup in your area and offer to do "Nail parties" for their health and beauty badge. Facebook, Craigs list, Myspace, LInked in. Network online as much as you can to become recognized as a local "expert".!/pag...5762137237
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FingerNailFixer has posted weekly assignments to build a "look book". Once completed, you can take it to any place with a waiting room for their customers to browse while waiting.

Facebook has been the best resource for me lately. Be sure to add pictures frequently to keep it fresh!

Also, with the holidays approaching, make sure you've got gift certificates on hand.

Network with others in your area. I hate having to do my own nails and if you can trade services, it's a good opportunity to learn tricks and gain your peers' trust in your services (and possibly get referrals from their overflow!).

Good luck Smile
Go to your local newspaper, often times they'll run an article on new businesses, especially if you are offering a new type of service in the area.
Here is a link to the Nail Notebook assignments:
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I went to my local Town Hall yesterday and purchased a book of registered voters. It was all of $7~ and it includes age, names, addresses and zips for my area of interest.

That seems like an excellent start on my database Big Grin
Now I have active people to address my postcards to.
~Certified Master Pedicurist~
~Advanced Nail Technician~
Check out your local networking groups. Some are free and some have a fee to join. But most will allow you to visit a few times before joining. This has been the biggest aid in building my business. What could be better than having your own personal sales team at your fingertips? That's really what network/referral groups are all about. I have gotten the majority of my business from referrals from members of the networking groups I'm involved with. There are groups that are co-ed and some that are for women only. But don't rule out the groups that have men. Men are excellent clients and not only do they come in for services but they send their wives, girlfriends, moms, daughters, etc in to see you as well.

Also, check your local area for festivals coming up. Particularly the schools in your area. Offer a child centric activity at your booth (painting nails, nail art, face painting, anything to get them in your booth). While working on the child's nails talk to the parent about your business and services. Have printed materials ready to give out. This has also been fabulous for my business.
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That is the most awesome idea I ever heard! I know where I am going tomorrow! I was going to ask Debbie if this post could be preserved, but I see she already did that! Thanks Debbie!
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