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Hard Gel ...Which Brand do you use?
I have been using the Tammy Taylor new Hard Gel and love it, although it is taking me nearly 2 hours to complete a new set with so much cure time and I only have one LED light. What brand do you use and how much time should it take?
With LED I like Artistic Rock Hard with 36w UV I like Masterworks by Amy Becker.
How long it takes is hard to say because it depends on your skill level and how seasoned you are really. I know people who can work in 1 hour and others 2 hours....
I agree with ctonramk, it really depends on your skill level. Is TT's hard gel curable under LED? I'm not familiar with that line. If it's taking 2 hrs., I'd say your application steps need to be looked at. I use Elite's line of hard gel, there's two different gels to choose from so you can customize the nails for the client's needs. Neither of the gels are curable under LED, though. The trial kits for the gel are on sale right now and you can click on the link below in my signature if you'd like to know more about it.
Tuff Enuff Nails Poly Gel is a one step gel, meaning it is the base and builder with the option to finish with it or Diamond Shine.
Although TEN Gel is NOT an LED gel a LED light will 'set' the gel and eliminate the heat spike. You can build and cure with the LED but the final cure in a UV is needed to thoroughly cure and eliminate the tacky layer.
There is no need to wipe off the tacky layer between applications. The final cure of 3 to 5 min will eliminate the surface layer or you can apply Diamond Shine which is a tackles gel sealer for gels and acrylics that cures in 90 seconds.
Brenda Anderson - President
Nail Tech / Competitor
Getting back to the Basics with quality core products.
Elite's line of gels let you customize the way you do your client's nails. Our core line, Power gel, is an extremely strong one step, formulated to be used thinly to create a very strong nail. We have a thicker builder in this line, too. Both are designed to cure to a hard shiny finish without a dispersion layer when cured at least 5 minutes. Otherwise, you can cure 2 minutes then remove the dispersion layer and proceed with a tackless sealer for shine.

Our second gel line is a cool curing completely clear builder gel, perfect for embedding and building apex. Used with our Power gel line it creates a beautiful strong nail.

The gel kit comes with ALL the gels in our line up including our two white gels along with a sample of E Link, our bonder. We give unparalleled customer service and ship your order within 24 hours of receipt of your confirmed payment.
I have used IBD since I started gels 20 years ago and have stuck with them. I have experimented with others and always go back. I love them.

IBD here too. It's the only one I've used and no complaints.
Nina & TRidge'
I have been using IBD's UV Gel for years and just saw their UV/LED curable Gel. IS that what you use? I am wondering if Artistic's LED lamp would work. How long do you need for the cure?

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