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White spots on nails
Hi all,

I have a client who has white spots on her nails. She has been a nail client now for maybe two years. She use to wear acrylic nails but has been a natural nail client for eight months or so. She has these white spots on her nails, big spots like dryness not flaky, right in the middle of the nail. I did try to buff them lightly but they do not come off or grow off.
I had a new client come in last week who had the same on her toe nails. She said it started after she had a pedicure done at other shop. Could anybody help me with this.? Thank you, Jackie
I believe what you are referring to is dehydration spots. All you need is to retail some cuticle oil for them to use 2-3x's per day. Solar oil by cnd has been voted the best for 25 years. Enhancements and nail coatings, even polish, can dry out the nail so you must "condition" them.
I've had people (even co workers) question how cuticle oil will penetrate a UV gel polish or a hard gel to make ANY difference in hydration on the nail itself.
In the SAME conversation we have a disagreement about gel polish-- I was taught & follow mfg recommendations to do a DRY manicure / prep for UV gel polish-- coworkers said to me NO do a regular Mani with soak/ lotion/oil.
They proceeded to say that if nails get dehydrated / brittle/ weak from soaking off gel polish in acetone (even foil method) it would only make sence to do a soaking Mani to keep nails hydrated.
After completing gel polish service starting with removal, dry mani, prep, application - I do cuticle oil *lotion *massage.
Am I wrong??
The same way that acetone penetrates the gel polish, cuticle oil penetrates it. Shellac (a hybrid polish) has tiny tunnels to allow this to happen and gel polishes do too.

Soaking is bad because it causes the nail plate to expand. After your nail plate dries, it shrinks and causes the polish to chip. Wet manicures are really a thing of the past and your better off not doing them at all, not even for regular polish mani's. Another reason for soaking is that when you apply nail coatings to the natural nail (enhancements, polish, gel polish, etc), the nail needs to be temporarily dehydrated so that whatever you put on it bonds to the nail. Your nails can't be properly dehydrated if your nail plate is still full of water (remember it takes hours for the water to evaporate off your nail plate)

Besides the above, water also only temporarily hydrates the skin/nail plate and the key is that it doesn't keep the moisture in, that's where cuticle oil comes in. Think of it likes this, your hands are so dry they're white. If you wet your hands it will look nice again, but once the water evaporates, it's back to being dry, maybe even dryer than before. If you put lotion on it it stays moisturized for hours because the lotion coats your hands and keeps water in. It's the same with your nails. The cuticle oil seals the moisture/water onto your nail plate. Without it the water just evaporates. For it to make a difference though, it needs to be used daily (preferably 2-3x's/day). This is an excellent retail opportunity. Retail it to your clients and challenge them to use it. You will both be pleasantly surprised with the results. The nails will grow long and strong, those white spots will disappear, and the eponychium will look fantastic and tamed. Your enhancements and gel polishes will also come off much easier when it's time for removal.

Another excellent product to retail is a cuticle exfoliator. I like CND's cuticle eraser best. Think of it as your shampoo and the cuticle oil as conditioner (cnd's words, not mine Smile )

An amazing resource for all things science is nails is Doug Schoon. I know he explains (much better than I) some of the things in which you asked.

Thank you :-)

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