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+ + + TUTORIAL - UV-Gel Roses + + +

I have a new Step-by-Step Tutorial for You. Very easy and beautiful.

Its UV-Gel.

[Image: weddingrose.jpg]

...Sculpturing with clear UV Gel

[Image: weddingrose1.jpg]

[Image: weddingrose3.jpg]

Camouflage/Make-Up gel

[Image: weddingrose4.jpg]

White Glitter on Smile-Line
[Image: weddingrose5.jpg]

Sculpturing with clear Gel and File in form

[Image: weddingrose6.jpg]

[Image: weddingrose7.jpg]

A thin film UV-Top Coat -dont dry it in UV Lamp!
And than directly a few champagne pearl UV Gel Points.

[Image: weddingrose9.jpg]

into the wet Champagne gel points i put dark red UV-Gel points...

[Image: weddingrose10.jpg]
.. and I make a roses with spot swirl.Dont dry!

[Image: weddingrose11.jpg]

I make a few accents with a white gel. In the middle the rose we leave more red because flower are more dark in the center as outside the leaves.Now dry it in UV Lamp.

[Image: weddingrose12.jpg]

Whit spot swirl I make a few piont with white gel.

[Image: weddingrose13.jpg]

UV Top Coat

[Image: weddingrose14.jpg]

[Image: weddingrose15.jpg]
why do you use the vice grip thing?

they are beautiful!
Thank u Beautiful. Keep posting
nail~diva :
> why do you use the vice grip thing?

I dont understad what You mean? Please explan me that with another words???? Smile

Thank You :*
the pink thing that looks like a vice grip.
Oh... Smile
I PINCH the nail to make the shape thiner and Nail-statics betterSmile
Its a pinch-tool.
Where did you get it?
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
A lot o Companys have it in his offer.I know for sure - Harmony and ONS in USA.

I always enjoy looking at your superb work.

Thank u for sharing your tuitorial with us. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your tuitorial with us. Finding tuitorials from professionals here today are non-existent.

Your work is excellent.
Thank you for the beautiful tutorial. I am so excited to meet you in June. I found a link to by a small clamp similar to the one Pauline has in tutorial. I would try any hobby store that sells ship/ airplane models etc. Its not pink...
Pauline, these are so beautiful! I'm going to do something like this soon Big Grin

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