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filing a lift
Hello-- any good videos on properly filing a lift? I feel like I end up filing too much-- cause the lift SPEADS as I file? I fortunately haven't had to do much cause I think the gels I'm doing are holding up well - but when I have to I think I'm not doing it so good.....
This one from Organic nails is awesome

Thank you so much!
You're welcome Smile This video is of pretty severe lifting. For very minimal lifting, just remember to concentrate your filing on the area where the product is still attached. Eventually you will file it until you reach where the lift is and it will flake away. DO NOT nip at it, only makes it worse.
Thanks- as I have done that!!!
Dang YouTube video not avail on mobile- have to hit the desk top for that one!
I cut the lifted part out by using the edge of the bit in my e-file. You can score around the lift, basically like creating a perforated line so that the product will break away cleanly. Once you've gone around the lift, you can gently lift up on the edge of the product and it should snap off at the cut line. It's very similar to how glass is cut. If it doesn't snap off without a lot of pressure, the cut line isn't deep enough thru the product. IMO, it's faster than trying to file it off. I've been doing it this way for years. Done correctly, you don't have the problem of 'chasing' the lift across the nail.
Donna - I would love to see s video on this although your explanation is great! Yes-- that's exactly whats happening- CHASING A LIFT!!
I'm not sure there's a video out of it. I had pix of me showing the steps one time but I've just looked thru my phone and I guess I deleted them. I'll have to do them again when someone comes in with so enough lift for me to use the technique on.
Thank you :-)

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