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square, quickbooks and technology for business..
i think my computer is about ready to crash... not sure i can afford a new one right now..

i have QB on my computer and run all my cc transactions thru it.. appointments are done manually in a book...

i do have an ipad at home.. is there an app that would be helpful??
does anyone use their phones for charges? i have an android.. i saw this thing called square for cc.. sounds interesting... maybe an app for booking besides calendar??
hi, i use qb as well for another company i run, not using it in regards to nails right now, there is a few apps for it but not worth it as only good for keeping track of updates for customers...never use it myself. i do have the square, there is no charge for the app or the card reader or monthly service, however there is a percentage taken out per transaction...a $100 transaction you will recieve 96.35 ...200.00 u recieve 192.85 this is on manually entered cards, the rate is different on swiped cards. (i will be adding a fee to cover these charges) also you can add tips, and taxes at set rates if you wish. however i know a lot of gals have done upgrades and cant do dollar amts on tips only percentage.
You are also able to take photos and type a discription for each sale for records (seen online), your customer can also sign the charge with thier finger - this doesnt work well but enough to accept with the system, and you can also send reciept to clients cell phone via text message or one to thier email...there is also a printer that you can order, but i havent bothered with that yet.

hope this helps you out a bit...
I use the Square card reader, and it's 2.75% per card if you swipe the card. If you input the # manually its a 3.75%. It's deposited in your acct. within 3 days.
I checked Square Up online and it is only set up for Apple items. I didn't see anything in reference to Droid operating phones.

Can't answer your other questions because I haven't used those kind of aps on my phone.

Hope you find something that works!!
I have a Droid and I use Square Up. It works with any smart phone.
Really, cause I just looked up their website this week and it said only Apple items. Hmm wonder why it said that then?

TY Sharon!!
Hmmm.......I'm looking at the squareup page right now and it indeed says for the iPhone, iPad And android.
I hVe the square and love it! You don't pay anything if you don't use it, so you have nothing to lose by signing up Smile

I don't use it for my credit card transactions at the salon. I go with a company that only charges me a very small percentage (less than 1% on most cards-some a bit higher but not as high as the Square Up). But I often take my boutique items to craft and vendor fairs and I use the Square Up then. If someone is on the fence about a purchase, offering the ability to use a card usually pushes them over the edge!

I think it's an awesome service!
Yep, Cheryl, it says right n the page it's for I-phone, I-pad and Android.
Just pulled up on my phone. That looks different than the one I saw earlier this week on my computer. Maybe it was a different company. Thank you all for pointing out they can do Droid phones.
Pulled it up on my computer. Yea, that isn't the same website I looked at earlier this week. Had a totally different looking page then and it said nothing about Droid phones. Good to know I can use it now.
harmony.. would you mind telling me what company you do use?? how do you keep track of sales/suppkies and client receipts??

QB thru ipad is 29 dollar a month....

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