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Where to find info on new OPI color Gel?
I was searching for the OPI olor gel and only see axxium.
Does this only work with an LED lamp?
The OPI website has everything you need to know about the new GelColor system complete with a video series you can watch online. Go to click on the OPI Pro tab and register. Then you will have access to the Online Educational Video section. Then scroll down to the bottom of all the vids you will see the GelColor series. If you have a slow internet connection the vids may skip while playing, just click pause and let it fully load, some take several minutes to load. Not sure if GelColor works with any LED lamp but it does work with the regular Axxium lamp. Hope this helps!
You can only purchase this as a kit including the LED lamp. Not interested.
I don't want to invest in another lamp, I have the newer CND lamp.
You cannot buy individual colors yet. I will just wait for that.
Where can I find info on the kits and the color choices?
Always be get farther.
goblondies has the kits. The only colors available are the 6 that come with the kit. Single colors will be available later.
Do you know what the 6 are? That info is not on GoBlondies- found nothing about the kit.
Always be get farther.
We are not able to promote the new OPI GelColor Kit online per OPI's restrictions for online purchase. If, you call us at (800) 256-6397 we would be glad to help you.
We don't sell products, we educate them!
Paula aka Blondies

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