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my nails
so they aren't great but i did them on myself between clients yesterday just to prove I could...
[Image: DSC05397.jpg]
i think they are pretty and i love the colors!
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
wow those are so long, i love it
Thanks! the length won't last long... they are making me crazy!

[Image: nails.jpg]
I hate phone pictures but its all we had there at the time...
Shawna, how are you applying the glitter? I can give you some tips on keeping it off the pink part if you want..............
most of the time i dont have a big problem with it but i lost my patience doing my own nails. i'm always open to tips though!! Smile
I would love that tip too please Donna!!!
Tbaglette :
> I would love that tip too please Donna!!!

that's what i love most about this forum! Everyone is so willing to help and share tips and ideas!!! Smile
Totally understand about losing patience!! I hate doing my own nails with a passion!

Ok, with the set that you have on, there's bits of glitter on the nail bed. If you're going to do nails like most do, tip first then nail bed, you can go back and use a pencil bit to correct the smile line if its a bit uneven. It's also great to get random bits of glitter off the nail bed. The thinness of the bit will allow for really tight work and you won't be getting into the glitter you want to stay.
Another way is a reverse nail, laying the nail bed, then butt the mixed glitter color up to it. Any excess glitter can be filed off the nail bed pretty easy.
My fave way to do glitter on gel or acrylic is to make my nail, finish file the product then put a thin covering of gel over the part I want glitter on. Sprinkle the glitter, tap off the excess then cure. Lightly brush any loose bits off, then seal. Sometimes I will put a second thin coat of gel just over the glitter to make sure it's sealed in well. Otherwise you can still get some glitter where you don't want it when you completely cover the nail with gloss gel.
I like them too, looong and pretty! :wink: .

Also thanks to Donna for the tips, I cant wait to mess around with my glittery stuff :lol:
Thanks Donna! I generally use the reverse method. As i was doing this set, the balance just didn't look right with the length of the nail so i went over the whole thing with clear to give a more personally attractive silhouette. I SHOULD have buffed the excess glitter off before doing so, but again, being my own nails, i just got lazy with them! I am glad, though, that your tip matches up with what i normally do! Smile Next time i find myself in East Texas I'll have to schedule an appt! I miss living in Tyler, my mom lives in Hawkins and a very close friend lives in Whitehouse. Smile It's a bit of a drive but 2 hours is worth knowledge acquired, right?!
I would love to meet you! My Grandparents lived in Gilmer. I have very fond memories of going to the Yamboree in Oct. when I was a kid. Be sure and call and plan some extra time so we can have LOTS of fun!
Will do! and if you ever find yourself in Gulfport, or in need of anything from Gulfport shoot me an email! [email protected]
[Image: DSC05402.jpg]

I couldn't stand the length anymore... they had to go!
I know, sometimes you just have to know when to say, "nuff''.....I love the look of long nails but after a while, they've got to go. I do find that stilettos are more work friendly. I will have the corners filed off of square nails but stils will be shaped properly after two weeks or more.

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