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Video tutorials... you opinion matters
I'm about to start working on a series of video tutorials for my website. I'd like to make these work best for most observers and I have a few questions.

Do you prefer music with words that have instructions and products listed, or voice over instructions and quiet between comments.

Would you prefer to see a few nails in real time, then the rest sped up so you can see the actual whole process, just one hand or two hands (would obviously make for longer videos), or cut in and out like most videos just showing a single nail and the processes for that nail?

My videos will be gel and gel art. What kinds of things are you most interested in seeing to help you improve in the salon?

Thanks! I've not done video editing before so this will be a new venture for me. LOL
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
Hey Jess! That's awesome that you're going to do some videos - I know I can't wait to see them Smile

I guess it depends on what kind of videos you're going to do. If they are aimed at beginners, I would think they'd want to see you do maybe the entire hand, at least a few fingers anyway. If it's a more advanced technique I know I'd be fine with just seeing one finger. Nail art same thing - one finger would be fine. Then you could show one or both hands at the end of it that are finished (could be a still shot).

I don't particularly like music on instructional videos, I prefer to hear the person explaining what they're doing, you can always add written instructions if you think they need to be there. I like the way Holly does hers, if that helps Smile I think the most important part of any tutorial for me is the camera has to be close and the picture has to be crystal clear. Give me that and I'm good!

Good luck with your project, I know it will turn out great!
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Quote:I guess it depends on what kind of videos you're going to do. If they are aimed at beginners, I would think they'd want to see you do maybe the entire hand, at least a few fingers anyway. If it's a more advanced technique I know I'd be fine with just seeing one finger. Nail art same thing - one finger would be fine. Then you could show one or both hands at the end of it that are finished (could be a still shot).

I agree! On gel enhancement videos several fingers or a whole hand would be great because it would give an idea of timing, order, etc.
Cant wait to see them! Smile
Smile I agree with Laura, especially the camera angle.. I am excited that you are doing some.
Amore Ultima Gel
3D Lash Extensionist


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If I'm looking at a video that has just music, I cut off the sound. I love music, but in an instructional video it's just an irritating distraction. I would much prefer a voice over. Written instructions and products used are helpful as long as they don't cover up the video itself!

Seeing a couple of nails in real time is great, especially for newbies. I agree about the camera angle and getting clean, crisp close-ups.

I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with!
Hi Jess! Smile I totally agree with you'vegotnail!, I do the same if I find a vid that I like and has music.
You can writte a list of products used in the description box, and just put at the beginning of the vid, "read the description box" Big Grin .
I am a beginner (currently falling in love with gels),and this is music to my hears, well the kind of music that I like lol, :lol:. Thank you!! :wink:
Love that you're going to do some videos Jess, I can't wait to see them!
Great suggestions here. I would like to add one more....If your own nails are visible (not covered by gloves) and you could add a pic of your nails too, that would be Great. Often while watching videos, I find myself distracted by the Nail Tech's nails, trying to see what they look like too. Smile
Light Elegance Educator
Kudos to you Jess for venturing into the unknown.

I agree with all that has already been said, especially the music thing.
I hate finding a great tute, to have it ruined by distracting music.
I agree, Holly does fab video's and so does Greg from YN, I love his style.
I don't see the need to do an entire hand for every step, just a couple/few nails but it is always nice to see both hands finished at the end and see the end result.
I personally prefer the videos where the tech explains what they are doing and does it at the same time and this prevents those long silences, especially if you through in some extra tips here and there. I don't like the ones where it's written on the screen and then has still shots showing the steps, it's just yuck I reckon.

The camera work is critical, there's no point in wasting your valuable time to do the video if it's not clear and a good angle.
The one thing I loathe in video's is when the person sits and adjusts the camera the entire way through and your left sitting to the scratching of it and seeing the zoom in and out and it's just so B grade stuff.
So I would highly suggest you get someone to film for you and do many practice runs first (but you don't have to actually do the nails in the practice run of course).
My brother inlaw is a video/audio guy and has his own business and the things I have learned from him about how to make a good video V's a bad one, is not rocket science but it's about practice runs, planning it out, very good lighting and a good quality camera.
Try and do it under white light, not yellow lights( like a normal light globe you would find in a bedroom light sort of thing). You can always hang white sheets up all around you to have the light reflect off them to add to the crispness of the white light (just a little tip from my BIL) and do it during daylight in a room that is already quite bright but do not totally rely on the sun giving you enough light cause it just won't, you will need to provide heaps of your own white lighting.

No matter how good of an editing program you have, it can only do so much, it all depends on the quality of the actual taping.

I hope this helps a bitSmile Good luck and make sure you let us know when you release them so we can all check them outSmile
Thanks all for your feedback. Some videos will be short, some longer. I'm not selling them so I won't be hiring a fancy camera guy and finding the time to do the videos will be hard enough let alone doing "lots of practice runs". I'll do my best and hopefully it helps a few people, thats the goal Wink I'll be sure to take a look at Holly and Gregs and see what makes em fab!
Jessica Hoel
Nail Professional
Akzentz Distributor & Educator
You don't need to hire anybody to help you but if you follow some simple steps, you can produce a good video over a bad one.

Maybe there are some tutes on You Tube that you can watch to see how to make good V's not so goodSmile

Good luck and we can't wait to see your wonderful talent.

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