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ibd Just Gel Polish Application
I am using the entire line. Base, top, prep products, etc. at the Premier Orlando show, I took an ibd Just Gel polish class with Alison Ross. She was awesome! She suggested using Powerbond instead of the Bonder for gel services.

So I used the Powerbond for the first time two days ago for a gel polish service. I preped the nails and applied the Powerbond. It seemed grainy, and when I applied the first coat of polish, and it did not lay smoothly. I used Cashmere Blush, so I applied 3 coats. The finish was smooth, but I'm wondering if it would have been bumpy if I had used 2 coats of polish? Is it supposed to be grainy when it dries? Just want to make sure my application is accurate. I love this gel polish and want to make sure I'm using the product correctly. Anyone else experience this? And tips or suggestions would be great! Thanks so much!

Bowie, MD
Help me out ladies. I know there are some of you who use ibd and love it.

Bowie, MD
I've used IBD Just Gel but not with Powerbond - haven't heard of that?
not familiar w/powerbond
the best things in life, aren't things ...
it doesn't look grainy in this video
I've been using IBD sog for quite awhile now and I don't use anything to under it. I've never had a problem with adhesion, either. Maybe you didn't shake it well enough........?
Thanks ladies. Power Bond is a newer product, and doesn't require curing. learned about it at the Premire Show.

I think it looked graing because I removed the shine with a 180 grit file and not a 240 grit buffing block. I will say I am pleased with the results and haven't had any peeling and top coat is still shiny after a week.

Bowie, MD

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