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Dotting tool and reg polish
Have not tried this, but can you use a dotting tool when dotting tool when doing french with regular polish ? Or does it only work with gel or gel polish ?
Sorry about that last post being messed up...supposed to read : can you use a dotting tool while using regular polish to do a french...
I've never heard of doing that technique with gel polish. It seems like it would be difficult to make a french with polish with a dotter since it starts drying instantly. I to a regular french with polish by painting on the white trying to stay as close to where i want it (in a timely manner) then clean up with a french brush. Sidebar: I did figure out recently a easy way to do french with gp. I use brisa lite white! I was having trouble with other gel polish because the gel shrinks before i can clean up the line then I have to fix it and then another nail is messed up... Imagine collecting water with a sieve. Brisa lite stays in place and cleans neatly.
I guess I was more curious than anything....I normally paint on the gek polish ,or regular polish and crisp up the line w/ a french brush great...

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