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Need advice on efiles
Hello im new here! My name is syrena I am coming up on 13 years as a licensed manicurist!!!!!! I have used a few cheap pen type drills a few that lasted for quite some time as a back up and I have always used a kupa mani pro I am certain I have had one in every color..... But, I am a busy person and I don't get more than about a year and a half out of one. I dont mind spending more on a drill but, are there any that last longer than a few years?? and that have a hand piece that is as light as the old style mani pro? I just had my right carpal tunnel release a few weeks ago and my doc strongly recommends a lighter drill. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences! Thanks again!
I needed one to do feet, and last year I purchased the one from Premier Nail Source that was $ 129.00,and since then, I have gotten another one and use it for nails as well.The handpiece is very ligh compared to my old one, althougj, I can plug my old one into it and it far, for the money, it has been excellent, and I would recommend it....Smile
I have had my KUPA Super UP200 for 5 years now and it is still going strong. The hand piece is lighter and has less vibration then the mani-pro. It was well worth my investment of $549 back then Smile
I have an Atwood U Power and I LOVE it. Bruce Atwood stands behind his products 100% and services all of his hand pieces as well so you cannot go wrong with one of his e-files. He has in the past sent me a hand piece to use while he worked on mine.... now that is customer service.

As a matter of fact if you call and talk to him, tell him how much you work and the kinds of nails you are doing he will be able to suggest one of his e-files for you.
Hair, nails and waxing, I am a triple threat on two legs!!

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