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Awesome rings made from acrylics & gels?
Hi again, I've been seeing pics of all these cool rings you. All are making with acrylics or gels, can someone please post tutorials how how to do them, they are the large ones,with the coolest designs ever! THANKS T
May you find the strength to face tomorrow.. in the love that surrounds you today!!
If you search on Youtube, they have a bunch.
Thanks, I did, but all I can find anything except in other languages. I will keep searching. Thanks Teresa
May you find the strength to face tomorrow.. in the love that surrounds you today!!
I always had soft nails but had bad habits of biting nails. I started making some good money during my job and decided to put acrylics on nails, I absolutely loved the look of long nails. I had tried to stop biting my nails but it’s really hard to do. Getting acrylic made me realize how beautiful long nails can be.
I think it was Angela who put up pics of how to make acrylic rings years ago..... I could probably send it (sure I have it some where), if it is not some kind of copy write problem.... these are older rings, realized I need pics of the new... some glow in the dark ;-)

[Image: DSCN3880.jpg]

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