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Is a year long enough?
March 1st will be one year since i struck out independent to be a booth renter. Ive got 4 months left and i feel like i have survived decently and gained enough clients that i might be able to go completely on my own. Right now i booth rent in a salon, but there is a well established tanning place about 4 blocks away that is half the rent price Im paying now and i would be completly on my own with my own shop license and all. this would give me room to add a new tech and expand, which i cant do where i am now. Big thing Im scared of is moving again after only 1 year and risking losing clients. However i only lost about 3 when i moved last time. But i think those were more loyal to the salon not me, and Im looking at about 3k more new walkins at this tanning place. Idk girls what do you think? Is a year long enough to bite it and say Im going to do it?
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Four blocks isn't very far so I think a lot would follow you. Will there be a nail tech at your old location after you leave? That would be the only reason, imo, that they would stay.
Add up all your expenses,including rent at the new place, then figure out, based on what you'd charge, how much you would bring in. Subtract 20% just to be, can you make it on that figure?
You also need to realize that with the economy the way it is, people may be cutting back on the tanning. Tanning reaches it peak around March/April, after that it tapers off. Most likely they're trying to get you in there to help carry them thru the slow months. During summer and winter, the foot traffic will be very minimal at best. Anyone you hire to work there will have problems building if THEY don't have a clientel. Also, with two techs, if you're using acrylic, the fumes will be bad unless they plan to have you in a room with a vent system.
Well they havent asked me to be there i just know there is a rental space there. Alot of salons have started there, gained clintele and then left for bigger and better things. I drive by there daily and there is rarely a time when their parking lot isnt full. I would be independant of the tanning just renting a room there. Im thinking 4 blocks isnt bad either.
Money qquestion. If i booth rent now, my expenses shouldnt go up in a new location except for moving/renovation expense right? Cause ill be paying for all the saMe stuff? there are no utiltiy fees or anything at the new place.
CND trained since '02
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Put it to pen and paper and see what your bottom line is. Nothing better than seeing it written down in black and white. If there is a reduction in rent than there shouldn't be a reduction in profit.

As far as loosing clients, moving 4 blocks isn't that big a deal. Nowdays, women are loyal to the tech, not the location. If you have a good client base and can afford a few loses that doesn't outweigh the new clients you might be picking up, then it could be a good move.

Anytime you make a move you take a chance. If you don't take a chance you'll never know what could be. After you've sat down and done your figures go with your instinct. It is usually right.

Wish you the best and let us know what you decide and how things go!! :wink:
your expenses should same the same or go down, didn't you say earlier the rent was cheaper there? One thing you said, a lot of salons have started there then moved on.....did you mean with the tanning salon or in the building before the tanning salon was there?

Your main concern, imo, would be what they offer you to get you there, are they going to give you a key, what will they repair if something breaks, can you use their washing machine and dryer, etc. Make sure it's all in black and white!
:roll: Hi I am glad to see you have ambition.In my 25 years doing nails that is something to be proud of!I am going to tell you my experience of just renting a room has not been sucessful.There were always issues of some kind.The heat,air conditioning,the smell,the parking,others using your items on desk as they go by. These are just a few and I would suggest if you are going to move why not find a small place to rent on your own?It does not take much to set up a nail salon,money wise or equipment wise.I you have the get go,and it sounds like you do,then try to find a place to rent.One time I rented an old apartment above a bridal shop,turned the bedrooms into massage and one for tanning,used the kitchen as a lunch room,living room for the waiting room and other room for the nail room.It worked and I had room to add more nail girls and retail too!Give it some thought please before you go in with another biz.Good luck...
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De4nails: its much cheaper for me to booth rent because i dont have building deposits, repair fees, utilities to pay etc.
Ive not looked at an actual contract, as far as i know its a month to month lease, private room, key and all. The tanning place has been there for years, well established, the spot Inside that they rent just changes. some do good some dont but i think it boils down to the business that rents it. I have been pulled to this place from day one but i chose my current spot cause it is owned by a girl i worked with years ago. Good people. I still have some equipment to buy before i go talk about lease with the new place and i have to save renovation money but Im hopeful i can be ready by my 1 year anniversary. Ive only got to purchase a Pedi station and a uv sanitizer.
CND trained since '02
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