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One of those weeks!
Well since everyone needs a little humor in their busy lives, I thought I would tell you about my week last week. First I started out by finding out my car needed a whole front end. Ok fine drive hubbies car. Work is strange some of my clients kept losing one bit of gel polish on one nail. Got those fixed everything okie dokie. That was The first of the week. Then clients call, need to cancel call back oh please put me back on the book. But had to move them to another spot, filled the one they had.That's all week.
Big storm here can't stay at work 70 miles per hr. winds with rain, need to move more clients. Electric goes out. Dodgy Friday go into work earlier then normal to do a client big gap go home for awhile. Now the car that is my husband has is a old 1996 contour that was given to him.
Start to drive back to work of course during 5 o'clock traffic hr. and it stalls on the road with all these cars behind me. Get out of the car to push it, drop my phone that splatters all over the road. Get a young man behind me to get out and push me off the road. Meanwhile smoke is coming out of the inside of the car. Oh great going to blow up!! Son comes drives me to work. Now I still have to work Saturday.( just want to hide in my house)
But ok Sat. comes and everything is great until this one client. Nice lady good sport about everything. She picks out a cuccio color and I put it on but when I go to wipe the residue off at the end the color comes too! Oh my god senior moment coming on. I did her nails several times until they all don't smear. Talking to her and notice that I put the reg. polish on and not the gel. That certain polish I put the reg with the gel so they can see the color better. Not a good move during senior moment hour. Go home traffic accident. Great just want to get home and hide.

The morale of this story is that when you all are having a bad week just think of a Fluffy(My mother always said that we are fluffy not fat)red headed older woman trying to push a smoking car out of the road during traffic hr. I hope you all have a wonderful week and keep smilingBig Grin
I don't know what to say except God bless you sister ...sounds like you handled it all with grace ...

... a couple weeks ago as I closing out a gel polish, it kept finishing dull or smearing - so I tried again when it dawned on me that I was using the polish top coat ...not the gel top coat Blush can only get better from here - sending good thoughts your way Heart
the best things in life, aren't things ...

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