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Prepping for time off
Has anyone taken 2 or more weeks off work (for vacation, maternity leave, injury, etc.)? If so, how did you prepare for it regarding clients, coworkers, etc.? Any info would be helpful. Thanks!

I would send notes - emails - to your regulars, who you might not get a chance to see before your break ...let them know how long you will be gone & mention if they might want to get in beforehand
the best things in life, aren't things ...
Yes. Last year I had to take off 2 weeks for sinus surgery. Then another month for carpal tunnel surgery. AND I just had a hysterectomy last week. I started telling my clients one month before I was leaving. That way we booked the right up to when I was leaving and when I would be back. I told them if I'm back earlier, I will let them know. I also have a friend who works at another salon and she was willing to take on my clients if they chose to go to her. So I was able to give them her card. Luckily, every client came back to me.

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