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Hi From CA
Hi Everybody!!
Im Jemma, originally from England but moved over to America to be with my family. So am British Trained but would like to start doing nails over here also. 8) I used to be on a different nail forum but found some of the people on there to be a bit rude.. this forum seems much friendly so far... Look forward to chatting to you all Big Grin
Welcome to our side of the pond Jemma!

To do nails here you need a license. At the top of this page on the far right of the big logo, click where it says
Licensing info
You will need to conatct the state board of the state you will be living in. Many states allow licensing of qualified technicians from over seas with proof of your work and or education, so be prepared for a pile of paper work. Our constitution allows for each state to set it's own laws, so each state has different regulations and rules about such things. The other option would be find a local school .. and make sure they have a nails only course (many try and convince people to take the full cosmetology course) and ask them whats the proceedure.

Its possible (dont get your hopes too high though) that you might have to produce some training proof and take a mini-refesher course, ,aybe have a teacher give you a hands on test of sorts and it might be not too bad. The worst case scenerio is taking the full nails course at the school.

If you have to take any kind of a written test, you can certainly do the online study of the course book we all use - you can find that in the Beautytech Shoppe
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