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Deenterprise Acrylic Colors
Please help....anyone familiar with this acrylic line, can you recommend which of their acrylic colors is close ,or matches YN Pink Core powder...thanks in advance ! Smile
Do you have a pic?
No pic, even tho I have tons of it, and it would prob take me 3 days to learn how to post it if I hsd one. Anyways, it is a translucent pink that can be used over white tips without making them look pink, sortof t ones them down a bit w/o making them look pink.I love this Deenterprises line of acrylic, but so far have been mixing my own colors which, while gorgeous, is not cost effective, and that is why I wanted to try this line in the first place. So glad I did, but I do a lot of bsckfills and french, so I need at least one universal pink. All of the samples have been too pink, or milky or one called pink was not pink at all. I can keep requesting samples, but it's getting exhausting...

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