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apprenticeships anyone?
I know I've attempted to start a discussion about this on the forum before, but didn't get any answers, so I'm sorry if this is redundant but I really need help!!!
I've been a nail tech for about 7 years now, I was always been interested in cosmetology but opted to go to school only for nails for financial reasons (aka, I needed to start working asap, lol). but I recently moved to a state that allows apprenticeships. andI'm wondering how I go about getting started?? I have no idea what to do... is this something I would start with talking to the state board about, or do I ask around at salons, or look for a salon advertising an apprenticeship? I have no clue where to start, but I'm really interested. Anyone have experience with this?
It needs to be with a salon that is already registered to do apprenticeships. I know in WA, they have a list of salons with the cosmetology board.
Not all states have an apprenticeship program - in WA we do, and I think the way to find a salon is to contact the agency that licenses them to be an apprenticeship salon. State board probably has a list of who's already approved - the agency in charge could likely also know who is in the process of approval.

I do know that here you could also start asking at the salon level, because if you found someone who's willing to do it they can just go through the process to sign up. It might be different elsewhere, but here the apprentice gets paid a sliding scale (based on minimum wage) depending on how far into their training they are, and then there is a time period that you would agree to work for the salon (I think two years) after the apprenticeship is completed so that the salon can recoup their investment. You don't pay a fee up front to participate, but a portion of what you get paid goes to them to help cover costs. I was actually looking into participating before I was forced to go to part time last Fall due to health reasons.
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