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Cleaning a pedicure spa
I just started at a salon that has an older pedicure spa. It wasn’t used much till I started a month ago. I’ve been a nail tech for 10 years, this is the first time I’ve ever used a piped in spa. I’ve always used a vibrating foot basin that I could sanitize well. I’ve run OPI Spa Complete and cascade dishwashing detergent in it over and over again what else can I use to make sure I’m getting it ultra clean. I found some stuff on line for hot tubs, it’s called scum away by SpaPure, can I run that through it just for extra measure?
Bleach & cascade.... Leave it over night.

The recommended way is to wash it out then run measured disinfectant through it for the allotted time after every use. Then let soak overnight daily. Weekly take apart jet and allow to soak overnight. That is way too much work for me and too costly on disinfectant (some take 5-6 gallons to fill). My disinfectant is 2oz. per gallon I'd get less than 2 uses per bottle! I'm just more comfortable using a foot basin. I just wash it out then spray mixed disinfectant and allow to sit for at least 10 min.

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