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stylist chairs
Since no one has been on the cutting edge board since March, I was hoping maybe someone could answer this here...Where is the best place to buy new stylist chairs? Any previous experience with this? Just don't want to get a bad chair. I have all Belvedeer chairs right now. It does not have to be Belvedeer though, but similar would be good. Thank you!
I think that might be hard thing to shop online for might be worth visiting a supply company f your buying several ...I have been eyeing this for a while ( it's a great price for an all purpose if shipping is reasonable - I think it was, I checked a few months ago if I remember correctly) - it's by Jeffco, an all purpose but I believe it also comes as a stylist

another thought - and I know a lot of people will poo-poo this ...there are some reputable sellers on eBay - while I have not purchased a chair off eBay, I have always had a good experience in that venue
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