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Soap Petals posted by Sandy Jo
Soap Petals for one use washing
Make a batch of soap , either Glycerine or Cocounut oil or Goats Milk,( anybody needs recipes for that and I will be happy to help you..)
Scent with the desired EO, Take a flower petal and dip into the soap, and dry on cooling rack.
when cooled put in soap dish in spa rooms or bathrooms at the salons,no dirty soap dishes or no reusing the pumper,,,
toss the Flower petal after washing. They look great and smell even better.
Sandy Jo
Cert in Aromatology
Sandy Jo <sjidohair AT>
Bemidji, Mn USA
Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Hi there,
I would love some recipes for making soaps, would love to give this a go!!

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