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nail drill
Hello again ,I need some advice on nail drills .I ve always hand filed and now I want to purchase a drill.What would be the best drill to get. does the speed have to be specific..Any help is appreciated.
I have found that I prefer a drill that has multiple speeds. It is much easier to do detail work, or work on smaller hands when you have a slower speed setting.
I live in my own little world, but its okay they know me here Wink
I love my e-file from Young Nails, five years and it still works perfect!
Nail Tech/Owner
U power has been a work horse for me for several years. They're usually about $350 or so, depending on if they're on sale or full price. I've had one for over 10 years now, only had it worked on once. Speaking of having it worked on, most Asian supply houses have someone there who can do minor repairs and adjustments. Last time I had it worked on it cost me $35 and he was done in 15 min. No shipping or waiting!
I have 2 Kupa's and I love them. Both work perfect & I have never had a problem. My 1st one I got just after I got out of school (17 yes ago) and my 2nd I bought it from a nail tech I was working with who decided to retire.
Marie A. Soto
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