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Pets in the salon
Has anyone ever had a client bring their dog or other pet into the salon? If so, what did you do about it?

Any info you could share would be much appreciated. THANKS!
I would have to think this is against board of health rules and you should ask the client to please reschedule when they can have someone watch their pet.
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I have had one client who worked at an animal shelter who brought a Chihuahua in because it was so mal-nourished and frail that it had to be taken home every night so she had to bring him. I ended up adopting him, no one else would take him because everyone thought he wasn't going to make it. A perfect example of why NOT to allow it lol. I had another client with a new adoptee in it's carrier, it was too nervous to be left alone yet so I let her bring it in.

When I had my first salon I took my small older dog to work, all dressed up in her pink shirt and everyone loved her, but as Debbie said, you have to make sure it's allowed where you are. For the right situation a "studio-pet" can be fun, but personally I don't allow anyone to bring their pets (usually).
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A regular started to bring in her dog she adopted in September from an elderly couple. The dog was not socialized and was very unpredictable. You'd think he was nice and ok but next thing you knew he was snapping at you. I went to pet him one day and he bit me. Not hard but if it was another client or child even, it could have been bad news. I'm due to see her next weekend and I advised the owner I will not see her unless that dog is not there. We all agreed it would be for the best. But, she has spoke to her before and went and brought the dog in again... guess I'll see what happens!
I'm an animal lover ...and as much as I like to cuddle & love pets ...I just don't think it's a good idea. As someone stated above - I am sure it's against health codes - not to mention, you never know who might have an allergy - such as another client in the salon ...popping in with the dog, just to show it off, very briefly (in and out) is one thing - but having it there for the entire visit is probably not a good idea ....maybe an after hours thing or if your salon is in your home and you're the only operator.
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I should add, for those who don't know, that I was working in a solo tech shop when I had my dog in. I definitely don't think it's a good idea in a busy shop - though in our touristy areas I have seen older/mellow dogs in gift shops that greet new customers. My dog was about 8 when I had her in my shop, she weighs 11 pounds (another factor) and she was really mellow - she would greet each new client, then go lay in her bed. There were some clients who loved her and she could tell and would curl up at their feet instead, which made them feel special Smile. I do think it's different when it's one animal all the time, as they become very comfortable - dogs who just come occasionally are less easy to predict.

And again on the health codes - it's not against them everywhere, you just need to check first.
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In Tennessee, the SB has a code for animals in a salon. Only service animals are allowed. Youcannot even have a fish tank. We had a lady that brought her dog with her. WE made a copy of the SB ruling and posted it on the door and a couple other places so it could be seen- no more animals.
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