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Light Elegance Top Gloss question
Product description:
Top Gloss cures tack-free, is low odor, delivers a stunning super high gloss shine, and can be applied over polish. We don't recommend Top Gloss to be used over a French manicure.

I'm intrigued because it says it can be applied over polish, but confused why it is not recommended used over a french manicure.
Do they mean pink and whites or a polished french?
I know some ladies on here use LE and may have the answers for me.
Good question, hopefully someone can answer. I am very curious now....
Hello! It is not recommended for use over nail lacquer, but great for use over hard gel polish. The reason that I do not use it over pink and whites is because it has a tendency to take away from the brightness of the white, almost giving it a slight yellowish tint.
If you want a Fabulous finish to any pink & white, I recommend Super Shiny. It leaves an inhibition layer to wipe off, but gives the most superior and long lasting shine and never discolors.
Light Elegance Educator

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