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mixing - matching gel lines
from what I have been reading ...seems like most gel color products can be mixed & matched to some degree?? Like ...the base coat of one line with the color of another ...if you have your fav base & top coats, you can use color from other lines this correct for the most part ladies?

And it correct that using a bonder such as Something Wonderful or Linkage can make the s.o.g. a little harder to soak off? Do these require a cure of it's own before applying gel? I think I read that Something Wonderful can (should?) be cured for 30 seconds first?

sorry for all the questions but thanks to all in advance
the best things in life, aren't things ...
I mix n match quite a bit, and it seems most of us do. I've found that using Shellac base provides the easiest soak off. For a top, I've been using StarNail Universal or Nailite's Gentle Gloss.

SW makes SOGs pretty much impossible to remove. When I do use it, I only put it on the very edge (16th" or so) Then when you soak off you'll need to file that edge first. I only cure it if I'm putting it on one of my notorious nail-killer clients. I've not tried using Linkage on my SOG people, but at the price and as finicky as it is, I reserve it for my hard gel nail killers.

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