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hard gels - always use a primer?
For a hard gel service, do any of you skip using a primer? The primer I have available is Protein Bond and the gel I use is by Young Nails. Someone recently told me that the Protein Bond is not necessary. Is this correct? Thanks.
My advice would be to follow the instructions of the system you're using. What do yours say?
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Mine says to use a primer but my nail teacher (I'm in nail school) says to skip the step. I tried skipping the step, but the nails popped off. I want to go back using the primer and wondered if any nail techs out there have skipped that priming step without having the failure I did.

Why in the world would your teacher tell you not to use pb with the yn??!!!???
Yes, you have to use the pb. Unless she told you not to use it so that they will pop off and you can keep practicing?? That's what I do if Im Just trying stuff out. I REALLY hope that's the case *eyeroll*
Denise Anderson
Salem, OR
let me guess, the teacher a retired cosmetologist?
I'm in school too and I hear a lot of crazy things too. With some gel systems you don't need to prime. Like Axxium for example. Hate the product though. Whatever your line tells you to do, just do it. I doubt your instructor is chemist.

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