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Axxium with Gelcolor Base/Top?
I picked up some Axxium colors at Cosmoprof super cheap in grab bags. I got basecoat, but I can't find the Axxium top coat locally. Can Gelcolor base and top coat be used with Axxium?
I also picked up lots of Axxium on clearance from Cosmo Prof. Axxium base is a hard gel, so once it's applied it's permanent. I have never mixed the two systems, so I'm not sure how that would work. Try it out on yourself and see how it wears. Let me know the results if you do.

Bowie, MD
The base isn't soak off? I thought all Axxium was- in school we had that & were told it's soak off ????? Oye!
OPI made Axxium in hard gel and a soak off gel. It will say soak off on the label if it is a soak off.
Thanks- i appreciate that!!
Just remember.. that
"soak off" means 20+/- minutes
"hard" means impervious to soaking
"gel polish" or "UVGP" means soaks off in 5-10 minutes depending on the brand and products used
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