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working in Salon question
I have a question- can or should you work in more then 1 Salon?
I'm very part time 3 days- but love the place, people, atmosphere.... but foot traffic is minimum to say the least.... I'm doing 2 local craft/vendor shows to drum up NAIL business in this shop in April..... the shops been in business 25+ yrs....we put out a sign (it's on a busy road) for nails but.....slow. I have a few clients regular now & encourage them to refer...... but slow.
I don't think it's a matter of sitting in the chair waiting & talking to clients-- the owner has her regulars & is talking up Nails all the time.... .I'm just wondering if I should or could do something in another town perhaps?
I don't want to make waves or anything with current place & she would let me work more- I think I would be sitting there for nothing....
Get some walking billboards out there. The bank teller that loves to chat, the convenience store clerk with a great personality - anyone that you think will promote your business! Write their name on a back of a business card(s) and have that client give them out to other potentential customers. When you get a new customer, ask if she was referred by anyone and give your client a $5 discount on her next service.
It depends on where you live. Where I live it is a tourist destination. I've known people to work in a salon or spa and also work in a hotel or resort where the clients are mainly tourist. I can't see working in two spas or two salons. Also, most hotels pay hourly +tips so at least you can have pay you can rely on, while you build your clientele at the other place.
Thanks so much!

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