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Mixing fragrance/essential oils/ scrubs/lotion
Need some help...I'm looking into mixing my scrubs and lotions and wanting feed back whether client sensitivity. Mixing would alough for custom and select scents (personalized unique ). Milk/Honey/Oatmeal-papaya/mango/guava- citrus/sage- wild pomegranate- peppermint-spearmint -lemongrass-green tea. I listed so any experience with clients.... Thank you for reading/time... I'd be doing seasonal scents with these. ;0)
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We have unscented product line for client sensitivity. I know that for me personally, even though I might not have an allergy to something, some days I just don't want a lot of scents on me. I actually got a pedi at another salon a few weeks ago and the entire place smell like vanilla and it just grossed me out that day, even though I've been there before and it didn't bother me.

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