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Specialty place or Full Service Salon?
I see a lot of "specialty" places popping up.
From Blo Bar (blowdys only) -
color bars (specializing in colors only -
to wax bars -
and brow/lash bars -

I wonder... what really IS better for business? I see the benefits of specializing- less (or 1 type) equipment, experienced staff, faster service (lots of experience)= more services per day... easier branding maybe? More "clear" direction?
I also see benefits of full service salons- "one stop shop", more traditional approach. People come for hair, notice a busy nail tech, they give them a chance... etc

Personally I think I would rather go to a specialty place. I would be under impression that staff would be more knowledgable because they specialize in that particular treatment.
I would expect a faster service (after if that's all you do all day- you become fast) and often these places are walk in type and have extended hours (because they have a team of pros on site) and the prices there are quite reasonable. I'm not saying cheap, but I don't feel that they are overpriced.

After all when I want sushi- I go to a sushi place (instead of buying it in a supermarket) and if I want a good cappuccino I don't go to McDonalds.
But then again... supermarkets are full of everything from milk to cleaning supplies to nail polish...?

So I do wonder if these type of places are a fad?
I wonder who actually makes better money- the full service salons or specialty places?

Have you ever wondered? What do you think...?
Where is better to work? Full service Salon or "just" Nail Salon? In my area "just Nail " salons are typically Asian.....
I'm new & in full Service that had no one doing nails & trying to work with current clients..... downside- not much walk in traffic- the full svc salon is in business 25+ yrs.....
I think it's a fad but it may be around for a while. Here, in NYC it makes business sense because you don't need so much space for one or two services. The rent difference could mean paying $5500 a month for a brow/lash bar or $10000 for a nail salon. Also, no need for all the zoning permits or licensure and insurance requirements.
As a person that is licensed in multiple areas or can perform multiple services it wouldn't be as lucrative though. And you may need to figure out a way to maintain your minimal skill level in the services you're not using.
NY Licensed Nail + Waxing Tech
Owner/Developer Suite Tee
Instagram: @SuiteTee
So funny - I was literallly just talking to a group of friends about this!

Out of 6 of us, only one had ever gotten her nails done at the place she gets her hair done as an add-on while she was there for a hair service, and only 1 other had gone to her hair place for a nail service by itself.

Several had done small wax jobs when they went in for a hair service as an add-on - mostly facial waxing; but most of us had booked appointments at the same salons for other waxing, facials, and eyelash treatments outside of the hair services. Nails were the one thing that stood out from this list.

That said - all of us typically get small waxing jobs (facial, maybe arms) at nail salons. More, uh, detailed, waxing is either done at full-service salons or at waxing salons or day spas.

For most of us, the issue was time. When I get my haircut and highlights, that is two hours already. I don't have time for another hour for other services, and that seemed to be the general consensus of the group. So only add-on services that were short in length were the norm for us. Much easier to find an hour her and there than 3-4 hours to get everything done at once. Of course, the occasional, pre-planned beauty day happens - hair, nails, waxing all at the same time - but that is a 1x a year or less thing for all of us.

As for blow-out and eye-lash/brow bars - I honestly think that is a trend that is being perpetuated by reality tv shows set in big cities like LA and NYC. Sure there are a few where I live (over 1M population, so pretty big!) but they are all downtown and aimed at the young wanna-bes. We all said we would consider one of these places for a special event, but not just a random night out.

Times have changed a lot for women. More and more women are becoming high earning professionals, and they simply don't have 3-4 hours to set aside at a given time. I don't see this as being a fad I see it as adjusting with the times.

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