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Non-Disclosure Agreement
If I work for an owner who pays hourly plus commission on retail sales, am I required to sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Additional details: This a new salon and a new owner who has no prior spa experience. I am considering working at this salon, but have not accepted an employment offer to date. If I accept the employment offer, I will initially work part-time and be paid hourly plus commission on retail sales. After 6 months, if I am able to build a following, I will move from hourly to commission.

I have worked in new salons before with owners how have no prior salon experience. Since this is a new salon, it will take a while to work out all the kinks. The owner may be concerned that I may leave and take my clients with me at any given time. I'm not that kind of person, but if the salon is not a good fit for me, I would let the owner know in advance that I would be leaving.

My question is: whether I'm hourly or commission only, do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement? This would essentially include verbiage stating I am not allowed to notify my clients that I am leaving or keep their information on file.


Client information "belongs" to the salon owner in an employee-based salon; I know other beauty professionals who've been taken to court for taking client information from their owners. : (

What about a non-compete agreement?
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
I work for a mobile spa and I had to sign one.
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I had to sign a 15 mile non-compete. I have also seen people fired, return "changed" after 2 years and all their "prior" clients got notes from her saying she was coming back. Really? How does that happen?
Thanks ladies, all of your feedback was helpful!!

Bowie, MD

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