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Favorite Glue
I'm looking for a new glue to use. I normally use Backscratchers Extreme Dipping System but the beauty supply doesn't carry it anymore. Does anyone have another brand that I could try as an alternative? Also can i use any acrylic powder with any glue for the same results or do the glue and powder need to be somewhat compatible? Also what is your favorite strongest glue for applying tips? Thanks
I love CND Gel Bond for tips. Would it be possible for you to call another beauty supply to order or buy the system online?
My favorite I always go back to is Entity glue. It is a brush on and is super strong.
I love brush on glues. So much faster and less messy. I like Tammy Taylor's quite a bit. And I have used the 5 Second. To me the main thing is being sure the tip is stuck all around.
Always be get farther.
You can go online and order directly from Backscratchers.
Backscratchers is my favorite adhesive - hands down!

Bowie, MD

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