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acrylic (help)
Ok- I know I'm new- but frustrated with acrylic!
#1 - I have several samples - TT, YN, OPI , Stylenvy, Sheba, Out the door-- tried them all!
#2 - I can't get ratio down- too big, then too small, too wet, lol ridiculous !
#3 - Wipe brush off each time after I apply acrylic yet it still ends up clumpy after 5th nail.
#4 - starts to get too watery after 5th nail & finished product- the pink color looks- I guess- diluted is a way to describe it- it's hardened but spots look flaky - the pink isn't the same color!!!
I've done full sets about 5-6 times & fills 5-6 times--
Gel came easier to me!! I did a full set P&W with Tips- took almost 2 1/2+ hours I think-- I'm so depressed over this! She knows I'm still learning though!
#5 I always say it looks like I'm putting on chicklettes!! I had to get a néw brush at pink nail #5 & still had issues after awhile- probably exhausted LOL @ that point!
#2 It may help for you to support your acrylic container with your other hand. I know I'll be holding the clients hand and sometimes don't get a "good drag" because my arm wasn't steady. Also just practice.
#3 When you dip try to keep it on one side of the brush. Also after placing a bead try to lift the brush before you try moving it around. When I sculpt, this probably varies, but I usually place the bead press it around wipe my brush before brushing the acrylic if needed. Then wipe again before getting another bead. Some people brush more and some people press more whatever works for you. I do some of both but I like my brush to be dryer if I'm going to brush over it. When the brush is wetter it the acrylic will stick to the brush when its dryer it won't. For me when I'm pressing the product in place with the tip of the brush I may want it to move with the brush. But if I'm brushing over it I wipe first. If the acrylic gets stuck in the brush around the belly of the brush it is hard to get it out in the middle of a service. Also if my bead is just too wet ill wipe after I place it before I do anything else.
#4 probably caused by #3
#5 I'm not sure what you mean by chicklets.
English was my worst subject... hoped something maybe was the missing puzzle piece for you.
Thanks for the tips!!!
* chicklettes are a gum-- I always make the beads of white Perfect consistency- however Too Big (look like pieces of gum-chicklettes - until I file down! Then I start the pink & by that 5th nail it's going down hill!
Since you have been trying TT, have you tried with the practice sheet? It is good to use with any product. Also if you go to her website you can print it out. Watch her videos on her site or YouTube. They really help you with consistency.
I had done nails several years when I started using TT and her videos made all the difference in my work. And I am a product junkie....I will try anything.
Always be get farther.
Really I have those-- I guess I'll really use them then!!!!
You really need to practice your product consistancy. I used TT for over 15 years. the first year, every chance I had, I pulled out her practice sheet. It sounds silly, but sometimes, i would count in my head as I dragged the brush across the acrylic, until I got it down. I looked at her video every day (there wasn't dvd back then,lol). I promise you, if you practice and look at the videos/dvds, you WILL get better and faster.

Also, to help with the changing of color in the pink, don't fill your dappen dish too much. In other words, fill it with enough liquid to do 4-5 nails. Then fill it again to do the other 4-5 nails. This is until you get better at applying the acrylic. I'm suggesting this because you may be contaminating the liquid by the time you reach to the 5th nail with product.

I now use YN. The consistensy is a little bit different. So I had to practice, yes, practice until I understood the product. IMO you need to decide which product you want to use and then focus on mastering it. Once you've done that, then you can move on to another product. I still think TT is an awesome product, I just don't know how to get it here in Canada and I find YN has a less stronger odor.

Just keep on nailing, LOL. Hope this helps.
Thank you!! I appreciate the input!

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