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How to get and maintain customer loyalty?
How to get & keep customer loyalty efficiently and make strong customer relationship? Any incentive program or loyalty program that you can recommend?

Thanks! Rolleyes
I have a point system, tracked by Vagaro (salon software), that gives 3-4% back so they can earn free add-ons or retail items, and sometimes even free services if they save them up!

There are some recent threads on hear about what we do to be different, they are worth a search and read, because it's more than the loyalty program that gets a client to be loyal. That just plain sounds weird lol.
Nail Tech/Owner
Offer clients an experience/quality that no other salon can offer.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
With Jaime again on this one. Forget the gimmicks and develop your skills, quality and customer experience. This isn't rocket science - think about hair stylists. There are cheap hair salons with drop in, there are middle of the road competent, there are the high end salons and then there are the maestro's that charge $500-$1000 for a top stylist in a big town.

What separates them? Reputation, experience, skill, location, ambience, customer service.
Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
The only "loyalty" program I rely on is mutual respect and reliability . . . standing appointments are the foundation of my business, no discount necessary.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
Hello friends, Thanks for's quite helpful information for me...
If you make someone feel great - they will be loyal forever. That just doesn't mean the way their nails look, though.

Take my husband, for instance. The discount hair place cuts my husband's hair just fine, but he always feels rushed, the front desk person is rude and he's unsure of cleanliness. He spends a few dollars more and goes to a place that offers him a beverage, takes their time with the cut, and everyone is actually courteous and polite - oh yeah, and they take a couple of minutes to sweep up the hair after every client! He actually feels like he is appreciated as a client, so he is willing to pay a little bit more and is loyal to them.

how does this scenario relate to what you can do in your salon?

Loyalty is created thru positive service experiences for the client. Offering what another salon doesn't, making an effort to cater to the client, and a warm caring attitude goes a long way. I'm a bit higher than everyone else around me but for the client who wants to ENJOY the service, they're willing to pay a bit more for that.
If it was JUST about saving money to create loyalty, there would be NONE, simply because someone else could always undershoot your prices. Case in point, look at how people shop for gasoline.....just a penny difference will have some drivers going all the way across town to save less than a $1.00 to fill up their talks for most people, that's why the quickie shops are doing so well. They wouldn't be there if people didn't patronize them. Clients who understand value for money spent will not go to the cheapie places.
All of these answers are great. I make sure the person feels special while they are in my shop. I don't lie to them. I am upfront about everything. I do nails that are different than anyone in my area. I tell them about sanitation. Usually when they leave they feel they have found a new friend, and it is a bonus that I do them some awesome nails. Next week is my 50th birthday. Big party. A lot of my clients are coming.
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Nail tech 3 years
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