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Forgot a step ! :(
Did a Gelish rockstar pedi yesterday, and had yhe worst time with my Black Shadow shrinking. Only after she left, and I did my next one, did I realize I forgot to dry brush them.It was her first time doing rockstars, and prrsonally they came out crappy IMO, cant redo them, she is leaving for vacation...Have any of u forgot to dry brush, and had probs w the gelish lasting, or has it been just a shrinking problem ? This is really bugging me....esp. since I hated the way her choice of color combo came out, she said she liked it, but I cant say she wasnt lying,lol...I cant stop thiinking about it, I sooooo want to redo them. Did my daughters lastnight, they of course came out awesome...wth ! Smile
I've had that happen- I'm fairly new so I hope that I continue to remember steps!! As for Gelish- it depends-- I can't figure out if my issues are that dang base coat / dry brush step, not getting cuticles good, too heavy application, etc... I continue to troubleshoot & keep trying!!
I use Gelish and have found that scrubbing the foundation in will help the polish adhere if you do forget to fry wipe. I always dry wipe as well, which I find really does hep with the shrinking.

What kind of glitter did you use for her rock star toes?

Bowie, MD
Lovethosetoes, I used Martha Stewart, silver fade w/ black base. Def will use different base color nxt time, although have used it with other colors,blues ,silvers, pinks ,all fades, and it has been beautiful...I know missing the dry brush step led to my shrinking prob, just hope they last forever like they usually do....
Lexibunny, I'm sure it'll be okay until she comes back to you. If she loves your work, and she said she was happy with it, don't worry yourself too much over it. I am like you though - I would want to redo it, but all you can do it wait until her next appointment. It sounds like it was a really pretty pedi :-)

Bowie, MD
I used to dry wipe religiously, i just stopped one day and never looked back. Ive noticed if my polish is shaken nicely no shrinking. Nothing you can do about it now but the dry wipe step wont destroy her polish.
When I have forgotten to dry wipe, the polish still stays fine. I have had many times where I'm rushed and I'm not happy with the outcome and they still like it. It drives you nuts.
Thanks everyone for doing a great job making feel better...I did rockstars on her aunt tonight ,nails and toes, they were AWESOME !!!! I did a three color fade with Wiggle Fingers as base color ,a silverish aqua color at cuticle, left base color in the middle ,did FE in a pacific blue color, beautiful ! They were Martha Stewart glitters, I tell u the names of them ,but have transferred them to different containers that I have not labeled... Thanks again girls for the cheering up, piece of mind ,and encouragement....Smile
I use OPIs base for gel polish with all my gel polishes and have never had to dry wipe that one, it cures to just slightly tacky, its perfect!!!

I have not had any issues either with crossing the products. I mainly use Gelish and OPI, and a few Shellac.

Good to know, javamama14821...I usually use gelish base and top for everything, however I have the OPI base and top

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