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Learning while saving for school.
I need some direction. I am currently saving for nail school. The closest school costs $3000. I soak up youtube videos and I practice gels (Brisa) on fake fingers. (acrylic is a bit too fumey to use regularly in my home). I have read Doug Schoon's book to educate myself. Would it be wise to buy a text book off of Amazon? It is proving difficult to find someone to actually learn from in person. Most of the techs where I live do nails as a job. Not as a career or a passion. They aren't very excited about sharing knowledge.
I'd say no, don't buy a book off of Amazon. Learning on your own isn't really a bad thing but you may not even get the same book as the school is using. As for finding someone who'll teach you before you go to school, don't count too much on that. Nail techs that are successful are very proud of the fact they've made it in this business and guard our knowledge accordingly. No reputable tech will teach anyone to do nails who hasn't completed their nail course or is in school. Once you get out of school, the story is different, you'll find lots of us on this board willing to help.
As a recently licensed tech, I'd say keep doing what your doing. I didn't know that before I attended school. There were however a couple of women in my class who were already working on nails and just came in to get licensed and class was a breeze for them. If most schools are like mine, school really focuses on getting you ready to pass the test meaning your setup and appropriate file to use on natural vs. enhancements, fungus of the nail, and application of acrylic ( and they don't expect it to look good) and fabric wraps. And polish application. Also the nerves and bones of the legs/feet and hands/arms.
So getting prepared on how to do nice nails now will set you up to be better prepared for work as soon as you exit.
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I'm not sure what book you're thinking about, but there's plenty of tutorials and information available on the internet! Nails magazine is all viewable on the internet, and they have a lot of information and tutorials. Young Nails and other manufacturers have videos online. Keep practicing on yourself and as many victims (friends and family) as you can - and save your money for the product and tools, because believe me, those will eat up any money you have! Good luck to you, hope you are able to enroll soon.
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@ Tashawna-- No thumbs down- dang finger hit that scrolling on my phone!!
I agree- I experienced this TOO! Other girls who have been doing themselves or friends / family are ahead... buy a fake hand or fingers & practice!!! The theory stuff us studying * the lack of hands on in school was eye opening for me!!
Thank you all for the informative responses. I will keep keep doing what I am doing then. I figured that I should keep practicing and focus on being able to create a quality set of nails. I just wanted to be sure. I recently did my first set of acrylics and I was pretty pleased. They didn't turn out nearly as horrid as I expected. Lol.
I started off doing the same as you, on youtube and reading as much information as I could. I also had a good close friend who has a master cosmetology license sign up on websites such as etc so that I can order my supplies I used to practice on (i.e. CND Brisa, CND Liquid & Poweder, Shellac, etc...) I also ordered my books from ebay (much cheaper than Amazon) and thanks to all of those things I was able to breeze thru school as well as retain a lot more information that I was only able to learn in school because I already knew everything else. I say keep doing what you're doing and be proud that you have the passion and drive to teach yourself to become a great nail tech, unlike a lot of the others out there who just do it to work. Those are the kinds of people I admire the most, so I admire you for what you are doing. Keep it up, I believe you will be great.
You just have to make sure you don't pick up bad habits or learn things from those not properly trained. When you go to school, they want things done a certain way -- the way it needs to be done to pass your state licensing exam. That IMHO is the huge drawback of the self taught pre-school thing. Everyone here will tell you that what they learned in school is not what you do in the real world for the most part. Technique is a biggie. While you may pick up some different/advanced techniques online, you will have to unlearn them to get through school. If you are aware of that scenerio, then go for it and have leg or 3 up on everyone Smile
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