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Nail art, design, cost, new trends, HELP
Through my searches on this site, I have been directed to the most amazing videos imaginable. As I view them, I see instructional videos for one single nail lasting approximately 12 - 27 minutes. If I pretend for a moment I have the skill that these others have, (I'm NOT even close), I would be spending an average of 2 hours for a service???? How does one charge for this.

I'm sorry to elaborate, but almost a year ago, I experienced my first "duck bill" nail request, she wore them for a couple of months but she has since been wearing square, oval, squoval. I have just had my first request for stiletto nails, appointment set for tomorrow. I have yet to actually see them in real life....its not that I don't get out, it's just new to my area, and I want to be one of the ones one top. How do I get started? I am excited, nervous and need help.
I'm kind of confused. Did you say you had an appointment to do a set of stilleto nails,but you never saw them in real life before? I personally would ask the cliente to let me practice a new shape before I said I would do the service. That's putting a lot of stress on yourself! One of the things I always tell people that I teach, is to only show people the things that you do really well! The work that you do, is out there walking around being talked about,and compaired to other work.(just a little advise from one tech to another!) Good luck with your nails. And I commend you for trying new things!
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You can find tutorial video's for both gel and acrylic stiletto's here.
Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
Online educational videos are amazing. I jumped in, took a chance, and they turned out beautiful. She's been very pleased, and I've had fun with the rebalances. They're more of a lipstick nail now, a little more functional for her. Whew! My Thanks to all of you on this Board for this, and all my posts.

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