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Pointed nail help needed
I have a new client coming tomorrow. She is requesting acrylic nails that upon my research might be called lipstick, or a shorter stelitto. Though my business is primarily gel, I still have a couple of sculpted acrylic clients. They are traditional square to lightly rounded. I've looked on YouTube, with hundreds of non professional videos, I haven't found what I'm looking for. I did get that I angle the form down rather than straight. Other than that, I'm nervous since I haven't tried anything like these before. Any pointers, or recommended videos? Thanks so much.
Hi Michele,

Here's a video from a pro tech in Belgium. Her name is Cindi, and she's awesome! Her name on YouTube is Under the Lily Shadow. I hope this helps.

Gemma Lambert is no longer with Naio UK but she is amazing educator; love these set of videos she die for them...

here's a few lipstick nail vids.
Thank you so much, these are amazing videos. Wish me luck.
Did them today, they turned out wonderful. Thank you.
That is awesome!!! So glad to hear they turned out well!

Bowie, MD

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