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**New Nails Pics.........
Here are 2 sets I did recently...The first are gel sculptured on form and the second are sculptured acrylic...
[img][Image: IMGP0091.jpg]
[/img][Image: IMGP0101.jpg]
[img][Image: IMGP0099.jpg][/img]
Very pretty & blingy Kristina! I really like your flowers.
Light Elegance Educator
Kristina, those are really pretty! I love blur and white together.
Smile They are so pretty!
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well those dont look like a first to me.. very good job
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WOW! Love them!!! You do such a great job! How long does it take you to do each set?
Glad u liked them!
Kailiek- I didn't say they are my first...
Well I am not that fast, it takes me 2 hrs to 2.5hrs to do sculptured gels and designs...and the second is my nails so it took at least 3hrs including breaks..
I think that's great time! I am getting ready to do gel on my own in a little bit. First I'm going to make fudge for my son and switch laundry loads. Then off to play with my nails. Big Grin
I did something very similar to the first pic a couple weeks ago!! The only big difference was the light blue was a larger glitter and the dark blue was a smaller glitter. I also did the smile line the "traditional" way. Idk that just tickled me.

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