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Rebase/Fill lifting problem
Ok so been doing nails for many years. I use protein bond and young nail products. I'm not having any issues on lifting problems on my full sets but when they come back for a rebase within a day or two I have lifting at the cuticle. I'm determined that its not product touching but am not sure if I am thinning out the old product enough or if I'm thinning it too much?!?! Does anyone have any advice? I'm open to ALL suggestions as I can't keep charging or even raise my prices for that matter if this keeps happening Sad *side note: I didn't have this problem until I move to colorado from California...
Maybe our stupidly dry atmosphere here in CO? Try 2 coats of PB, cure each 30 seconds in UV lamp. That should make a difference. Where in CO are you? I'm near Florence.
Ya I've tried that Sad when I file all the product down and lay the new acrylic you can see the full lines too Sad and yes it's stupidly dry! Lol not used to it at all! I'm in Denver area, never heard of Florence...

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