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What is your "Unique Selling Point" (USP)
It anwsers the question of, "Why should I do business with you over all your competitors? A hair stylist might be something like this, The Exact hair color you want or your money back"!
Get Nailed at JB Salon & Day Spa
My unique selling point is that 98% of my clients have their own nails. I do gel overlays all day everyday! They come every 4 weeeks with no lifting! About 89% of my clients wear nail art of some kind. And I am the only master Gel Tech in my area.
Some people might say,It's not good to let your clients go that long between services. But I have trained my clients to think like a nail Tech,and file their nails a little every week so they never get to long. I tell them that if they get stress's their own fault! I taught them to wear gloves,and oil over and under the nails. I've taught them how to use their hands in different ways while doing chores,and gardening,etc! I go beyound the norm to inform my clients about the best nail care. I do my part to get them thru to 4 weeks. And they have to do theirs!
My book opened up and I make way more money! I hear some techs worry about not being able to fill the void. But that is crazy! If they have a full book now,then they have customers that they can give 5.00 to everytime they send a freind in. There is always a way for a girl to get what she wants! I get what I want,because I am the person in charge at my table. I am the person my clients ask to do their nails. So I lead them where I want them to go!
I am being blunt right now. But,I joke around about it with my customers! But they know I seriously want them to do what I tell them I need them to do to take care of the work I just did on their nails!
I hope this helps other techs realize that you are the person at the helm! STEER YOUR SHIP!
Tesss Walters
Inventor of THE CLAZY GRIP!
Master Gel Technician
[email protected]
FB Group Page ( The Art Of the Pen)
@ Just Nail It - OOOhhh Tess I sooo needed to hear this! I always meet clients who want to make demands about how I should perform services and then tell me what they feel I should charge for my services..WHAT the deuce?!?! At first I was timid and nice because my friend who is a make-up artist referred many of her clients to me. I wanted to build my clientele, so I would rather have some business than no business. Boy did I learn that's not always the case.

I received a call, which was a referral from my friend, for a spa party. I could tell very early on during the conversation that this lady was going to try to talk me down from my prices - which are NOT negotiable! I would have given her a good rate for her spa party, but she went too far when she said I should give the customer the price they want or they can go to someone else. She was kind of snooty, and it hurt my feelings the way she spoke down to me, but I politely told her I would get back with her. I never got back with her and I let her go to another tech. Funny thing is I know the other tech she called and she said the same thing - she's not a client I want to service as she is rude and obnoxious. I quickly learned that all money is not good money; she was a client I didn't want or need. Bottom line is I know my worth, I produce quality services and I am in always in control - not the client!

Bowie, MD
Chrissy, I am so proud of you! Clients love the confidence thier Tech has when she or he takes thier hands and masterfully turns them into works of art! You don't have to do nail art to produce artful nails either. All though,I can't help myself! He He.
Tesss Walters
Inventor of THE CLAZY GRIP!
Master Gel Technician
[email protected]
FB Group Page ( The Art Of the Pen)
Thanks Tess!! And BTW, I'm loving my art pen! ;-)

Bowie, MD
So true... for me French is my bread and butter so to speak. However a good foundation is everything! The artwork will be crap if not on a great canvas to begin with!

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