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Alternative work space.. I'd love to hear your feedback!
I'm wondering if anyone is working out of an office space or know a tech that is? My salon building lease is raising faster than appropriate for my area (I've been unable to negotiate a more reasonable rate) I believe I will need to close shop & need only a few hundred square feet, but want to remain 'on my own'. After being in an ownership situation, the idea of leasing and joining a 'team' is terribly unattractive.
I'm desperate to find an alternative to a full on salon space, yet would like to maintain my somewhat unconventional hours (can't let my evening ladies down).
I have a full book, and would like to continue working.
Any suggestions to alternative space ideas would be so very warmly welcomed!!
“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” ~ Coco Chanel

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Maggie Franklin in California rents office space for her salon - she's a blogger for Nails Magazine so you can read her entries there.
Nail Tech/Owner
Drs office or hospital office ? Yoga studio or massage studios sometimes have extra space
Awwwwwwww hun, that is awful ya got to move. The one problem I see with renting an office space is having a sink available in the space. Great suggestions so far as to other locations to consider. Might also check out some tanning shops. Good luck to ya!
I heard my name mentioned? LOL...

There are LOTS of techs who rent office spaces. Find a commercial leasing agent in your area who can help you find a spot that's properly zoned for you.

Be prepared to have a conversation with the landlord and address any concerns they may have about your business. Be prepared to invest in a good air filter. Not a little tabletop $30 thing from Target-- a REAL air filter that's designed for your square footage (better yet, twice your square footage) and costs $300-800.

In my case it also helped that I am a child-free salon. The office building I'm in is a multi-floor, closed in with hallways type building. I'm much more popular with my neighbors for not having kids running through the hallways. But that's not so much a concern if you find a plaze-style building.

I've found that medical offices and restaurants are had to convince. But this is the 4th office space I've worked in over the last 20 years, so there are definitely landlords out there who are cool with a nail tech!
Maggie Franklin: Art of Nailz, Visalia CA
That's an interesting idea-- do you get foot traffic? Advertise? Pretty cool idea!!!
Can I ask how you get around zoning issues. I want to go into a apartment clubhouse/office space and the zoning is residential/office. Any help would be appreciated. The city in which the apartment complex is located is telling me I cannot rent space there. A fitness center independently owned is leasing the space from the complex.

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