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Corporate or private salon?
I'm a nail tech in a small tennessee town where all the girls seem to love getting their nails done. The biggest volume in any salon in town is in one particular Asian salon that's been here for years...they have this market cornered pretty well. I work as the only nail tech in a small full service salon with a very small clientele....they all love me but there aren't enough of them for me to make a living. I must explain....the salon hired me to be the receptionist at $10 an hour at about 20 hours a week when I was desperately seeking a job after being laid off (i was a hair client there.) After having multiple women come in asking for nail services we didn't offer, I went to school and got my license. I was dropped to $100.00 a week (for helping out around salon when I had no, etc.) when I became licensed. I was also given 100% of the money I made on services. The reason behind this was that I purchase all my products....even a spa pedi chair! So I was sort of a 'booth renter' without paying rent. Great deal right? Wrong!! The salon has gone down is bad. The owner/stylists are burned out and sometimes only work 1 or 2 days a week. It is impossible for me to try and get walk ins because we don't have regular hours. Flash forward to now....I was offered a nail tech position at JCP 2 weeks ago.....$9.00 per hour plus 55% commission on services and health benefits for being full time. Granted it was a long commute 5 days a week but I was jazzed!!! I could make some actual money here. I was asked to attend a salon meeting (even though I hadn't filled out a w-4 or anything), so I did. Now they've decided to go to commission only!! No more hourly base pay. To make up that $ loss I would have to kill myself daily...meanwhile the hairstylists are would be too if you got 50% of a $100 foil and cut...they could do easily 5 a day and make a ton of money every week. To make the highest commission tier you have to be at $1000+ per week.....that would be 25 pedis (at least) a body would break down in a month!!!! LOL!!!
Has anyone out there worked as a nail tech for JCP or any other major chain??? What did you think??? Am I crazy?? Should I take the job??? Ugh, I'm so frustrated to be offered one thing...get my hopes up only to find its false. Thanks for letting me rant!! :-)
It mostly depends on the manager. JCP does not offer hard gels, but they do have Creative L&P as well as OPI L&P. I believe some salons are offering the OPI gel polish. I worked for JCP as a nail tech and stylist both. It wasn't bad, I out grew it.
(01-29-2013, 09:11 PM)sue10 Wrote: It mostly depends on the manager. JCP does not offer hard gels, but they do have Creative L&P as well as OPI L&P. I believe some salons are offering the OPI gel polish. I worked for JCP as a nail tech and stylist both. It wasn't bad, I out grew it.

Oh wow is possible to do both at JCP ? i didnt know that. How does it work exactly ? Thank you
This JCP is strictly OPI. And no, they dont offer hard gels...,which i personally love. They currently have no nail tech and the stylists don't want to do nails! The had opi gel polish thrown in a basket in a cabinet...I didn't see any acrylic supplies and one pedi spa chair that looked worn out...I'm pretty picky about sanitation and keeping everything looking nice and I didn't like the setup even though its a fairly nice salon. I was told today that since they're implementing the new pay system, there's a hiring freeze but if I was interested I could check with them next month!?? What??? Needless to say, my interest has waned considerably
Yeah, the corporate manager for the salons used to be my store manager. They have been changing things quite a bit. Don't write em off entirely. As far as supplies, if she's telling you all she can get is OPI, un true. Creative is on their approved corporate list. She would just have to request a change from district salon supervisor. As of yet, JCP has not approved any hard gels. I whined all the way to corporate, to no avail. It really depends on the manager on how things are run. In all it was a decent place to work.
I've not heard really good stuff about JCP for nail techs. It works pretty good for stylists but I've only known one person who worked there who liked it. JCP is in financial trouble right now, and I look for them to do some serious cut backs to recoup huge losses. I'd say this move is one of them, the comm. only thing. I also wouldn't expect them to be fixing broken things in the salon, updating and/or adding new products. They've got a history of not wanting to make changes AT ALL in their salon area to accomodate the techs. It's all about the hair.......

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