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Are pedicures a MUST ????
Do all of you offer pedicures or is it possible to offer only hand-services and still have a full book ?
Thanks Nevalein
I have always assumed it depends on what type of clients you have. I always had more pedicure clients than enhancement clients. However I have heard others say they have exactly the opposite.
I live in my own little world, but its okay they know me here Wink
It is absolutely possible to have a full book with no pedis! They will ask, some will beg even.. But yes it is possible.
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I know a tech who works part-time and absolutely DOES NOT do pedicures. For all nail services, you have to book one month in advance to get an appointment with her! Her work is amazing! She had a bad experience with a client and had to stop offering pedicure services altogether. Now she only offers enhancements and natural nail services.

Im moving back to my home town where I only did maybe 3-4 pedicures a month, the rest I was all booked with acrylics. Where I live now, I do far more pedicures that nails and I dont like it. Depends on the type of salon you are in and the area. It can be done though.
i avoided pedicures at all cost while i was in school.i rather signed out and lost the hours then dealing with that ! The first pedicure i did was on a blind client who had not had a pedicure in years before and i had to get up 3 times cause i had to throw up......Pedicures are the reason why i concentrated on hair in the past instead of nails.......Lovethosetoes may I ask what exactly happened that the tech you are talking about hat to stop doing pedis ??????
Hey Nevalein!

Yes, I asked as well because I specialize in pedicures. She said that she had one client who had really bad feet. I mean atrocious! She told the client that she was not longer going to offer pedicure services because she had too many acrylic clients on her books. Well, one day she was doing another client's pedicure and forgot that the client with bad feet was coming in. When the bad feet client saw her doing a pedicure, she called her on it. The tech said it was her fault and because she couldn't remember what day the bad feet client was coming. She apologized to the client, but decided that day that rather than lie to the client and lose her altogether, she would no longer offer pedicure services altogether.

That is what we are here for is to help those with "bad feet". I love a good challenge makes me feel accomplished and that I helped that poor client with a difficult situation on their feet.

Now I could very much so be solidly booked with nails as I have turned away several new clients due to a full book butbI currently do both, then I don't get burned out doing one opposed to the other.
I didn't do pedis for the first 15 years I did nails. I moved to a new town and while the clientel wasn't willing to let me do their nails, they'd ask if I did pedi's. Go figure! I was losing money by not doing them, had to get a book and relearn all over again. I'd say now, theyre a third of my business. I don't have a prob with 'bad' feet tho, so I guess that's why I'm OK with it.

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