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Does anyone need holiday gift certificates? FREE?
I have several already designed holiday gift certificates that I'm printing out for my own salon.
If you're interested I can input your salon info on these and save them as a PDF and email them to you for you to print out on your own computer. It's great because you can print out as many as you need!

Here's the dealio:
  • ~ You can choose any 2 designs.
    ~ You have to buy your own envelopes. (I use 4x6 envelopes)
    ~ I will not change the sizes. Sorry, dont have time to do that!
    ~ I can make small modifications to the design. Like adding an Authorization line if there isnt one, or adding or deleting the Expiration Date. But that's all I'm going to have time for (other than inputing your own salon info).
    ~ Fonts stay the same. (except on the input part. I will do my best to match your salon logo/info but cant guarantee anything).
    ~ There is only a limited area for salon info, so if you can keep it simple, that'd be great.
    ~ These are my own designs (the artwork was purchased by me) and I would appreciate it if nobody copy them or claim them as their own.
    ~ If you want to see the designs larger I can email you a PDF.
    ~ The PDF will be 4 of the same designs on one sheet. You print them and cut them apart. Very simple.
    ~ PLEASE email me if interested and I will send you more info. Email info is on the button below. Put GIFT CERTIFICATES in the subject line.

Side Note: I can also design and print these for you if you wish. 50 GC's (2 designs can be chosen) and 50 white 4x6 envelopes - $21.95 plus shipping. Contact me if interested.

Here are the designs:

[Image: holidaygc1.jpg]

[Image: holidaygc2.jpg]

[Image: holidaygc3.jpg]
Where did the LIKE button go ???? Colleen these are beautiful. I will have a hard time deciding Smile

You rock Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thanks Laura!!!
LOL ok the LIKE button is back !!! That was weird.
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Got your order Laura! I'll be emailing you in a few. Thanks! Big Grin
Love these, Colleen!
Me Me Me Me Me me me. Did I say Me? LOL I love these. Love my business cards you did for me too.
I want #1 please and thank you.
I will email you as well.
I do not need any but want to say they are really nice. Nice Job!
NY Licensed Nail + Waxing Tech
Owner/Developer Suite Tee
Instagram: @SuiteTee
thank you Tashawna! Big Grin
Hi Collen they are really nice, i just printed up my chrstmas ones already but i would like just everyday ones.
Personal Pampering Esthetics
Smiths Falls, On Canada
DoTERRA Wellness Advocate
I would love to have #9 and #10 with the allowed changes. My email is at the bottom or I can email you, whichever you prefer.
Hi Barb - I have lots of those designs as well. I'm only offering to do the Christmas ones for free to help my fellow nail techs through the holidays at this time.
Hi Donna,
Email me the info you would like on your GC's. Thanks!
Aside from Donna, I think I'm caught up with everyone's emails requesting their GC's. If you sent me a request for GC's and you havent heard back from me let me know. Thank you everyone for your interest and I hope they help you this holiday season! If anyone else wants some I'm still taking requests. Feel free to email me.

For those who sent me inquiries about other printing jobs, I will get back to you ASAP. Big Grin
Awesome job Colleen! I emailed you.
I ordered some personalized ones from Colleen and she just sent me the proofs - amazing work! I can't wait to get them Smile
Laura Merzetti
CND Education Ambassador
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Thanks Laura! I just printed yours out and they're ready to go! Thank you for your order!!!

JULIE - I sent you an email back. You didnt let me know what you wanted printed on them. Cant proceed til I hear back from you. Check your mail, hon! Big Grin
Those are beautiful Colleen! Now I'm even more excited about ordering business cards from you!
Thanks Shawna! Maybe I can get a website up with all my designs sometime soon.
Hi, Colleen-
Just checking to see if you received my email? from [email protected]??

And for what it's worth, I think the website idea is a great one! Smile


Trusting this message finds you well.

Not sure if there's still time to get in on this, but I'm very interested.

I like designs #9 & #6.. If these are still available, please advise on what information you need from me. I may be reached at [email protected]

Also what's the going expiration for gift certificates? I was thinking of a 3 month expiration. I welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

Warmest Regards,

Missy Malone, Founder of SPAtaneity
[email protected]

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