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Christmas nail photos :(
So I went through and took step by step photos on how to, then when I plugged my camera into the computer, ALL the photos were unusable. They had little pixel dots and a yellow hue. My settings were correct, or so I thought. Anyhoo. I dont have time to redo the nail art and get the step by step. So the best I can do I show you what the completed nail looks like.
I had to go outside to take these, and the Santa is a little blurry. I apologize.
So no tutorial guys. I am swamped with Ornaments to make and I took 3 hours to get this done, to the point it is now. Sad, such a waste of time. Darn camera. ( they looked great in the display screen. )

[Image: hohoho-1.jpg]
Well, they're adorable anyway.
Oh I can imagine how frustrating that must have been. Thanks for posting the pics!
I'm familiar enough with how you've been doing it, I think I'm going to try the Santa for sure! I've been taking pix of the tuts you post on my iPhone then I can pull it up and look right at the pic while I'm working. It makes it so easy! Can't wait! Thanks!
Awe thanks! I dope that at the very least they can bring out some creative nail fun. Donna I hope you show yours off to us Big Grin
I wish the photo showed the hat points hanging in their face.
They are so cute!!! I love your work and off topic..I love the new avatar! <3
Your talent is awesome Sobeit, another great job!!!!

Thanks for going to all that effort, I know we all appreciate itSmile

Thank you Sobeit, they are adorable, so cute!, and I agree with RockinNailz your avatar looks hot!, like it a lot :wink:
Thanks for sharing this with us, I really like them all so cute!
Too cute! You got skills girl! Smile

and btw, I checked out your art page, LOVE your work! tempted to order and ornament from ya in your off season for next year! Smile

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