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Blue cross: use or not?
When doing full sets or fill- ins, is it wise to use Blue Cross cuticle remover on the nails for prep? If not what is the best way to prep the nails without any liquid product and tool to use for the best result?
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I use VB Cosmetics Cuticle Remover for all services, natural nails and enhancements.
Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. (yes, it's real)
I use a sciver bit that Gina Silvestro uses in her videos on her website.
It removes and pushes back the cuticle.
Tesss Walters
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I used it will all prodcuts as well. then I use an undernail put to go around the cuticle area, and then wipe with 99% alchol
The only time I'd use BC is if the client had a huge amount of skin growth on her nails. Otherwise, I use a version of the sciver bit to do normal cuticle work and it will remove ALL of the skin growth.

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