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Nails salon lamps don't raise skin cancer risk, study finds.
Nail salon lamps don't raise skin cancer risk, study finds

By Karen Rowan

While the risk of developing skin cancer is known to be linked with exposure to ultraviolet light, it's been less clear whether the UV lamps used in nail salons might raise the risk of skin cancer. Now, a new study suggests these lamps don't increase skin cancer risk.
In the study, researchers looked at three commonly used UV nail lamps. They measured the light, in terms of its likely carcinogenic effects, and calculated the "UV dose" that a user would receive during a 10-minute nail-drying session.

Not all ultraviolet lamps are the same — for example, people with the skin condition psoriasis may be treated with lamps, and studies have shown these "narrowband UVB" treatments raise the risk of skin cancer only minimally, compared with the more damaging rays of tanning salon lamps.

(Full detail)
We agree with this and from studies that we've researched, we have actually found that using a UV nail lamp in a salon is equivalent of 5-10 minutes driving where UV lights will touch your screen through the wind screen. Since we're encourage to have a little Vitamin D each day, studies have found that this is not yet deemed to be harmful to us. In saying that, there is always the alternative of the LED nail lamps as well, which cure in half the time and of course, if you are worried, you are not being exposed to the UV rays rather the LED.
LED's used in nail lamps emits UV light.

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